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These hours are subject to change. Monday to Friday 8: Billing Western Ultrasound for Women is a private provider of obstetric and gynaecological imaging. Our medical receptionists will provide you with information regarding costs when you book. We require you to settle your account in full on the day of your scan. As an Australian resident, with a valid referral from your doctor, you will be eligible for a rebate from Medicare Australia.

NEW CLINIC: High-tech MRI craned in as service relocates

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Bulk Billing available Ryde Radiology, located on Level 1 above the City of Ryde Library, is a longstanding member of the Ryde community. Since , Ryde Radiology has been recognised for their excellence in providing consistent, caring and professional service to their referring practitioners and patients using advanced state-of-the-art.

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Procedure Preparation What is an Ultrasound? Ultrasound is a safe method of imaging that uses sound waves to create an image. It does not use ionising radiation and is used to assess many different organs in the body including pregnancy, breasts, veins, arterial and musculoskeletal imaging. Ultrasound is also used to assist with some procedures.

We use local experienced Radiologists who report on all our scans within 24hours usually the same day. These results are sent electronically to your doctor.

Billing Western Ultrasound for Women is a private provider of obstetric and gynaecological imaging. Our medical receptionists will provide you with information regarding costs when you book.

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M Monkeybugmama I would call your insurance company and verify whether the anatomy scan is supposed to be covered, and if so, what codes are supposed to be used. Then based on that, call the billing department and verify which codes they submitted if the codes aren’t listed on the actual bill. Sometimes there’s a mixup regarding the codes and that can lead to charges that you shouldn’t actually have.

Maybe it was billed as a specialist because of the MFM? It might not make a difference but worth checking into. I called the insurance provider.

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Eligible Midwives Questions and Answers

We will not be liable for any invoice adjustment unless you comply with the notice requirements described above. The filing of a lawsuit against us does not constitute compliance with these notice provisions. For additional information or assistance regarding billing issues, contact Revenue Services at 1. CST , Monday through Friday. If a federal value-added, consumption or similar tax is applicable to your shipment, we reserve the right to add that amount to your shipping charges without notice.

Ultrasound scans are an effective way of assessing soft tissue structures of the body and visualising the flow of blood through the circulatory system. Since ultrasound services do not involve radiation and is non-invasive it is commonly employed as the initial imaging investigation for a range of conditions.

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Ultrasound scans are an effective way of assessing soft tissue structures of the body and visualising the flow of blood through the circulatory system. Not all causes of pain are identifiable on the ultrasound and further investigations may be requested. What preparation is required? Preparation is important for a number of ultrasound examinations.

Preparations may include fasting and filling of the bladder prior to the ultrasound. Your preparation instructions will be explained to you when you make your booking.

Bulk Billing Radiology Services. Ultrasound, Low-Dose CT Scan, Digital X-Ray and Dental X-Ray. All services are bulk billed to Medicare. Appointments are always available, spots often available same day or on a walk in b.

Under the Medicare arrangements, eligible midwives are limited to providing the services described in these items. Services provided outside these items or services that do not meet the item requirements will not attract Medicare benefits. For a Medicare benefit to be payable, the eligible midwife will need to personally provide the service to the woman. Another midwife can provide assistance to you in rendering the service, however, you are still required to be in personal attendance on the woman.

Only one Medicare benefit is payable for any individual service regardless of the number of midwives involved. Medicare benefits are only payable where an eligible midwife attends to one patient on the one occasion. The antenatal items for eligible midwives are described below: Payable once only for any pregnancy. Includes any antenatal attendance provided on the same occasion. The MBS includes an obstetric antenatal attendance item, where the woman is referred by an eligible midwife at weeks of her pregnancy.

Top of Page There is no upper limit on the number of long and short antenatal attendances an eligible midwife can provide to a woman during her pregnancy under items and

First Ultrasound 6 weeks 3 days

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