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Coarse facial hair What you should know: Designed for men with coarse, curly hair, this chrome-plated brass shaver flaunts a sharp edge to cut clearly at skin level without pulling or tugging your whiskers. The end result is a suave finish that forestalls ingrown hair from developing. DSC has trimmed away at the competition with its great selection of high-quality razors. Six stainless steel blades run smoothly across the face to slice away unwanted hair. The lubricating strip is embellished with aloe, vitamin E, and Lavender to moisturize sensitive skin. Then comes the special built-in trimmer edge to clean up botched sideburns too. An all-around performer praised mainly for its nourishing and protective properties, many will find its lather production to be its biggest attribute. Just a dollop is enough to create an incredibly silky, more so velvety texture when whipped in hand that is also comforting on the skin. Rich ingredients provide hydrating and lubricating benefits absent in most other competitive products.

Shave Like Your Great Grandpa: The Ultimate Straight Razor Shaving Guide

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is an online retailer that offers their customers a selection of top quality and affordable straight razors, as well as other shaving equipment, accessories, and information.

Let’s get one thing clear: Anyone who says so is either about to sell you a straight razor or has spent months practicing. Safety razors are, by, far the easier choice. It takes a lot of practice to master the art of shaving with a straight razor. If you’re not careful, you can seriously injure yourself. There is nothing to stop the razor from cutting deep into your skin.

Some men have actually DIED as a result of using straight razors, though more from infections from poorly maintained implements than bleeding out. Straight razors also require more maintenance in order to keep them in good condition. So why do men use them? What makes them so special or useful?

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WhatsApp A good, sturdy, sharp, yet safe razor makes all the difference between a nice, even, and smooth shave and razor burn or cuts. You should not use cheaply made, dull razors. We will review in this article some of the best safety razors on the market. What Is A Safety Razor?

The history of modern shaving begins with the barber. Before the invention of modern cartridge-razors, the way to get the best, closest shave was to visit the barber for a professional shave.

A perfect shave needs, before anything else, one thing—a perfect razor. Since the beginnings of the Boker Manufactory in , high quality straight razors were made in Solingen. Even in these early days, the focus was set on high end materials and perfect handmade quality and craftsmanship. Soon this strategy gained success, and Boker straight razors became well known.

After the second World War, the production of straight razors was ended internationally, due to destruction of the plant by allied bombing. Today, an original Boker catalog from is the oldest document in the company’s archives about the lineup of straight razors of that time.

History of Shaving: Gillette Science, Technology and Razor Innovations

Though growing beards and keeping the chest hair had their fair share of the limelight, a clean-shaven look will never lose its charm. Grooming and shaving have had a place in the daily routines of man since prehistoric times, with the first razors made of flint dating back tens of thousands of years. Today, we take a look at straight and double edge safety razors, clearly differentiating between the two.

What Are Straight Razors? Straight razors were one of the first types of razors to be invented, resembling a knife due to the long, straight metal blade attached to a pivoting handle. Though beaten in popularity these days by other types of quicker and easier-to-use razors, straight edge cut throat razors were the only option available for shaving till the invention of the safety razor.

The Schick Injector Razor is a familiar piece of shaving hardware. Any day on eBay you can see dozens of them for sale, and relatively few bids out, at least for the common ones. After all, they all look just the same, don’t they? “Butterscotch art deco handle and gold head”.

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Find this Pin and more on Straight Razor Education & How To’s by Naked Armor Straight Razors. Our first nugget of advice is to use a straight razor and not a piece of plastic to shave your face. However, this article will help you get a better shave no matter what you use.

It encompasses a passion for science and technology. But first and foremost, it is about shaving. The history of modern shaving begins with the barber. Before the invention of modern cartridge-razors, the way to get the best, closest shave was to visit the barber for a professional shave. Barbers were highly skilled at shaving, well-practiced on a range of faces and types of hair, and they had various tools to do the job.

After softening the hair and skin of the face with a hot towel wrap, the barber would apply a thick lather of shaving cream to the face in order to hydrate the hairs and lubricate the skin. The barber would then carefully stretch the skin taught, section by section, to create an even surface. Much skill was required to place the right amount of pressure on the straight razor blade to cut at the perfect angle, using the sensitivity of his fingers and the pivot of his wrist.

The result left the customer clean, fresh and smooth. It was a luxurious, relaxing experience — but costly and time consuming.

Shave Like Your Great Grandpa: The Ultimate Straight Razor Shaving Guide

History[ edit ] Bronze razor with handle from Ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom – BC Various forms of razors were used throughout history, which are different in appearance but similar in use to modern straight razors. In prehistoric times clam shells, shark’s teeth, and flint were sharpened and used to shave with. Drawings of such blades were found in prehistoric caves.

Some tribes still use blades made of flint to this day.

Straight razors can be dangerous and I know there are some morning where I am just not going to be awake. I have to buy and throw away a lot of junk with safety razors. I went to Consumer Reports and got myself one of the best electric razors.

The Viking Age peoples used a variety of tools for personal grooming and cleanliness. Combs Perhaps the most important grooming tool was the comb, which was used not only to smooth and order the hair, but also to help remove any dirt or vermin. Combs were in everyday use at every level of society Combs were used as a part of the hair washing process, being used to comb through the wet hair during washing. Some scholars believe that the widespread use of combs throughout the ancient world was due to their utility in controlling lice and nits Bone combs are among the most common archaeological finds in Viking contexts.

Straight Razor Manufacturers and Dates of Operation

While some would use an electric razor, most would reach for the archetypal modern shaving tool: It would be a lightweight plastic implement—a slender handle with a rectangular-shaped head fixed probably fitted with several blades. The entire thing could be disposable, or the head would be detachable and could be replaced.

May 28,  · Here is a step by step video tutorial on How to do a Straight Razor Shave and Beard Trim by Pacinos The Barber For any product information or purchases, please visit

Fashion and style A close shave: Is shaving the manly way really worth the hassle? After just a couple of passes they clog up, resembling a letter box stuffed full of twigs, leaving my face red and raw. The kind of old school apparatus that could cope with the bristles of a cowboy after a month long cattle drive.

Like all real men, I recently realised, I need to shave with a straight razor. A Shavette looks and handles like a regular straight razor, but takes its edge from regular disposable blades, which clip into the steel head and can be replaced whenever you please. While there is no more authentically manly act than shaving with a straight razor, the downside is that the straight razor also turns the most repetitious act of grooming of all — the wet shave — into a chess-match with death.

One false move, one jolt or twitch of your wrist and you get horribly, badly hurt. Like a martial arts trainee, the straight razor pupil must expect to suffer. My first attempt was a shocker, even after watching the requisite instructional videos on You Tube. I list the following set of instructions, which were all paid for in blood: If you draw a sloppy s-line you will bleed. At the end, euphoric on endorphins, I was overjoyed to see the razor effortlessly wipe out a ten-day-old beard.

The shave was as close as you could imagine.

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Tips, tricks, questions and bragging about shaving with straight, double edge or injector blade razors. Vintage Wade & Butcher SR, need dating and restoration advice. submitted 5 If anyone knows a bit about Wade and Butcher razors I’d appreciate the help in dating it. I posted pics of the tang and it’s stamps, but for better.

The Ultimate Straight Razor Shaving Guide Our very first post on the Art of Manliness was a introductory guide to shaving like your grandpa with a double-edged safety razor. Benefits of Straight Razor Shaving Better shaves. So make the switch to a straight razor. Your face will thank you for it. The upfront costs to get started with straight razor shaving are a bit on the expensive side. Shaving with a safety razor reduces this waste, but straight razors take it one step further.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, greenies. Straight razor shaving has meditative benefits.

Straight razor

Explore 10 surprising facts about the Vikings below. Sure, the pugnacious Norsemen probably sported headgear, but that whole horn-festooned helmet look? Painters seem to have fabricated the trend during the 19th century, perhaps inspired by descriptions of northern Europeans by ancient Greek and Roman chroniclers. Vikings were known for their excellent hygiene.

Straight Razor vs Double Edge Safety Razor. Grooming and shaving have had a place in the daily routines of man since prehistoric times, with the first razors made of flint dating back tens of thousands of years. Also, straight razors may result in more nicks and cuts, and are more tricky to get that hang of using, while safety razors.

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How to shave with a straight razor like a bo$$ (tutorial)

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