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Do you need any special electrical components? How much power will it require? In most cases, wiring a tanning bed for residential use is quite simple and costs very little. Wire a Tanning Bed Step 1 Read the manual that came with your tanning bed to learn the voltage your new tanning bed uses. Most tanning beds are or volts. Step 2 Determine whether your home’s electrical outlet will handle the tanning bed. If your tanning bed runs on volts, then chances are your tanning bed will work in a standard electrical outlet. Some larger tanning beds require volts. Step 3 Contact an electrician if your tanning bed uses volts.

I am hooking up our tanning bed using a buck/boost transformer.

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The standard for tanning beds is Volts, much like an electric dryer or oven range. It is very important to provide the proper power for your home tanning bed. Impact on electric bills. While a tanning bed may be compared to a large appliance in power requirement, in actuality it will not run nearly as long nor as often as other appliances.

Tanning beds can help the body produce Vitamin D during cold seasons which will prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis as well as strengthen the bones, prevent acne, help seasonal effective disorder and boost self-confidence. Home tanning bed styles include models with 14 lamps up to 36 lamps, with sit-down models, light therapy beds and stand-up tanning booths available. Five Questions to Ask Before Shopping: Where are you planning on putting it? Are you currently using a tanning bed system?

What kind of tanning bed have you used before? Do you need a commercial or residential tanning bed system? Is there anything in particular you are looking for in a tanning bed? Commercial And Residential Systems Commercial systems are completely different than residential systems. Commercial systems are designed for non-stop use in a salon environment, where any size client is possible. These beds use magnetic ballast which is very heavy and generates a large amount of heat.

Because of this all commercial beds utilize heavy steel forconstruction. To achieve more power and faster results, commercial beds simply add more lamps to the system.

Solar Wave 16L 110V Home Tanning Bed

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Electrical Requirements: Basically a tanning bed is a large lamp fixture that requires electricity just like other lights. When purchasing a tanning bed for your home it is .

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Trying to hook up an old tanning bed with straight 220v plug?

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May 10,  · Also, after hooking the bed up I went to the other end of the house and flipped the breaker on, and I thought I heard a pop about 10 seconds later from the end of the house where the bed is. Not sure if I was imagining that though.

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Email Shares 52 We get a lot of questions on our electric wiring articles from folks tackling electrical projects in their own home. One of the most common and intimidating parts of electrical work is dealing with the main breaker panel. This article provides an overview of a breaker panel. Some jurisdictions require you to be an electrician to perform any electrical work, even in your own home. Almost all jurisdictions require you to get a permit to complete any substantial electric work beyond simple tasks like replacing receptacles.

Electric Breaker Panel Volts and Amps Before we get started on the panel, note that virtually all homes in the United States are wired with amps volt service.

Apr 20,  · A bulb tanning bed should be on a 20 AMP dedicated circuit. So, buy a 20 AMP breaker and NM wiring.

Could you please give me a quick moment to review your question? I have checked out the transformer you listed in your question, this transformer is made to primarily for low voltage lighting. Unfortunately it will not drop the voltage to volts. And this transformer has been used on this tanning bed before at a different location. Could you give a brand and model of the tanning bed you have and I will look up the power requirements?

Are the leads on your transformer marked if so could you give me those markings? Are there markings on the wires in your transformer if so could you give those markings? Sorry to keep you waiting but I’m taking another at your transformer. Are the wires marked in your transformer if so could you give them to me? I’m sorry to keep waiting butI’m taking another look at your transformer, are there markings on the wires in your transformer if so, could you please give them to me?

Sorry I didn’t think my reply was going though, it’s a little slow on this end. I can’t find your exact transformers line diagram but I have another just like it that might work.

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Bed will not turn on at all. Make sure it is plugged in. Believe it or not, that is the cause in most cases. Make sure the breaker is in the ON position. Make sure you are turning the timer enough to start the system. If the tanning bed also has a power switch, make sure it is in the ON position, and try both positions just to be sure.

Instructions for Wiring a Tanning Bed By Krista Raye Decide if your home possesses an electrical outlet necessary for running a tanning bed. For example, if the tanning bed runs on volts, then it will most likely work in an average outlet. If you own a larger tanning bed, it will need volts to work properly, and you should contact.

Tuesday, 14 May Instructions for Wiring a Tanning Bed Over the last decade, the use of tanning beds to have that fresh off-the-beach look has increased dramatically. Many people have trouble finding time in their busy schedules to make it to their local tanning salon. Instead, they opt to purchase a tanning bed for their home. While this is a far more convenient way to tan, it does mean you as an individual are responsible for having the adequate power and wiring to run the bed. Does this Spark an idea?

Check the tanning bed owner’s manual to determine the voltage it requires. The usual voltage range is between and Decide if your home possesses an electrical outlet necessary for running a tanning bed. For example, if the tanning bed runs on volts, then it will most likely work in an average outlet. If you own a larger tanning bed, it will need volts to work properly, and you should contact an electrician to have an outlet installed.

Designate an entire outlet solely for your tanning bed, and do not plug anything else in it. If you overload the outlet, then you may throw a circuit breaker. Install a buck-booster to your tanning bed.


When tanning beds begin to have problems, there are steps that can be taken to troubleshoot your problem. Some tanning bed problems can be fixed with minimal repair, while others may require a technician with trained experience. Make sure the bed’s timer is set to a number higher than 0. Each tanning bed has a power cable that connects the bed to an electrical outlet or power strip.

Make sure the cable is plugged in.

Wiring for a tanning bed Asked Dec 24, , AM — 5 Answers I have a Home tanning bed that I will need to install a breaker, wiring and receptacle.

Basically a tanning bed is a large lamp fixture that requires electricity just like other lights. When purchasing a tanning bed for your home it is important to determine how you will power it. It is very important to determine and provide the proper power for your home tanning bed. How a tanning bed will effect your home electric bill A tanning bed may be compared to a large appliance with regards to power requirements, however it will not run as long nor as often as other appliances.

The actual impact to your electric bill is quite minimal. Please see the figures below: One circuit in your breaker box will be connected to numerous outlets. This is because you will never have all the outlets being used at the same time. A tanning bed will require the majority of the power supplied by that circuit therefore will require its own circuit. This is important to avoid overloading the electrical circuits.

Certified Electrician The fact the most houses are not wired with a dedicated circuit and the only V circuit powers the dryer it is necessary that a dedicated circuit be added. This will require you to hire a certified electrician to install the correct outlet and wire as specified for your tanning bed. Below is a table that shows exactly what type of power each SunSource tanning bed requires. It is important to get an accurate voltage reading at the bed.

The types of 3 phase power and why its important for you tanning bed

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