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So you will learn a lot about Kotlin if you develop this simple photo gallery application in Android using Kotlin programming language. Add Required permissions in the Manifest file. This is our Model class which has information about all folders like Folder Name Whatsapp Images, Camera , image path of the most recent image in a folder, total number of images in a folder. As we have to pass this information from splash screen to our MainActivity using Intent. We can load images from storage and send image name, path and the total number of images in a folder to our Main Activity for showing all folders and their most recent image in Recyclerview. And pass the returning Albums list to MainActivity via Intent. MainActivity will show a list of all folders which has images and videos for example Camera, Instagram, Whatsapp Images in RecyclerView.

Tutorial how to create Barcode Reader app in Android Studio 1.4

Pengembangan perangkat lunak Android dan Google Play Android memungkinkan penggunanya untuk memasang aplikasi pihak ketiga, baik yang diperoleh dari toko aplikasi seperti Google Play , Amazon Appstore , ataupun dengan mengunduh dan memasang berkas APK dari situs pihak ketiga. SDK ini terdiri dari seperangkat perkakas pengembangan, [61] termasuk debugger , perpustakaan perangkat lunak , emulator handset yang berbasis QEMU , dokumentasi, kode sampel, dan tutorial.

Dalam rangka menghadapi penyensoran Internet di Republik Rakyat Tiongkok , perangkat Android yang dijual di RRT umumnya disesuaikan dengan layanan yang disetujui oleh negara. Cara ini memiliki manfaat ganda, tidak hanya meningkatkan respon perangkat Android karena aplikasi tidak perlu ditutup dan dibuka kembali dari awal setiap saat, tetapi juga memastikan bahwa aplikasi yang berjalan di latar belakang tidak menghabiskan daya secara sia-sia. Proses ini tidak terlihat oleh pengguna, jadi pengguna tidak perlu mengelola memori atau menonaktifkan aplikasi secara manual.

Tutorial on how to make the simplest WebRTC Android app. Tones of information are out there on how to make a simple WebRTC web app but the Android scope is .

Learn how to apply material design principles to build compelling, beautiful interfaces for your Android apps. Intermediate Start the course Dive deeper with free Google Developers Training materials Free and available for classroom use or self-study, the Advanced Android Development course is meant for Android developers who want to go deeper. Each of the tutorials listed here has a companion concept chapter and slide deck. Working with sensor data Build an app that uses the Android sensor framework to get data from device sensors such as the accelerometer and geomagnetic field sensor.

Advanced Start the tutorial Using resources for languages Build an app that uses string resources and the Translations Editor in Android Studio to support different languages. Advanced Start the tutorial Using the device location Build an app that displays the device’s last known location as latitude and longitude coordinates, converts those coordinates into a physical address, and receives periodic location updates.

Advanced Start the tutorial Adding a Google Map to your app Build an app that integrates Google Maps and uses features like location markers, map styling, Street View, and location tracking. Advanced Start the tutorial Creating a custom view Build an app that uses custom views, which inherit behavior and appearance attributes from their parent views and can override those attributes. Advanced Dive deeper with free video-based courses Udacity and Google teamed up to create free, self-paced, online courses.

Android Performance Make your app fast and efficient.

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Create Digital Wireframes Now that we have a solid understanding of navigation patterns and screen grouping techniques, it’s time to apply them to our screens. Let’s take another look at our exhaustive screen map for the example news application from the first lesson , below. Exhaustive screen map for the example news application. Our next step is to choose and apply navigation patterns discussed in the previous lessons to this screen map, maximizing navigation speed and minimizing the number of touches to access data, while keeping the interface intuitive and consistent with Android best practices.

We also need to make different choices for our different target device form factors.

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GridLayout Extensions of these classes are not allowed. The check on these constraints is strong. Because of these restrinctions, a Widget layout has to be very simple and only use simple components like TextView, Button or ImageView. Resizability and preview The configuration file is the mechanism used to describe your Widget to the Android system. You can use this for setting the supported Widget sizes, telling the system whether the Widget is resizable or not, and providing an image to display when the user decides to add a Widget to their Home screen.

Refreshing the widget The data the Widget displays must always be up to date without wasting system resources. This means that the UI should be updated only when the data changes, and this can happen for different reasons. If the user interacts with the Widget, you need a way to update the UI and then send the event to the main app. If something is happening in the main app, you need a way to tell the Widget to refresh. The Android platform also provides a third way, an automatic refresh of the Widget at an interval that can be set using the configuration file.

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You can specify any combination of these attributes, as long as they are present in the SDK, for example: The package hierarchy is a logical structure that overlays the directory structure in your workspace. Each package is a directory and its subdirectories that contains a related set of source files and a BUILD file. A more complex project may have many nested packages.

As the first course in the Android Developer Nanodegree, Developing Android Apps is the foundation of our advanced Android curriculum. This course blends theory and practice to help you build great apps the right way. In this course, you’ll work with instructors step-by-step to build a cloud.

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Android Floating Widget Tutorial – Display Widget Over Apps

Electronic Arts Content rating: Seems Like Classic Sims The Sims FreePlay is a life simulation game from the popular The Sims series; unlike the other games in this series, this has been created for mobile games and the classic The Sims gameplay has been redesigned to suit mobile devices. Players create and care for their Sims as they go through life and age. This free to play game uses real-time to dictate the actions of Sims and the player needs to issue all instructions to their Sims.

Timber is a logging utility class built on top of Android’s Log class. While in development, we usually end up writing lot of log statements and before the release, we’ll cleanup the log statements by removing them manually (even though logs can be disabled in release build).

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Android App Widgets Tutorial. Learn how to give your users fast access to the most important functions of your Android app, right from their home screen, using App Widgets.

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They have put a great effort in this language and with Kotlin now the Android Development is more fun. And ever since Google announced official support for Kotlin for Android development, there has been a huge surge of interest in the language. So if you are already a Java developer and thinking of switching to Kotlin for android development or you just want to learn this awesome language to increase you skills. This Learn Kotlin for Android App is going to be your best friend.

With its beautiful UI and easy to learn guide you can learn the Kotlin Programming in few Days, and this is what make this app different from other apps.

Android Hello World Example – Learn Android Programming and how to develop android mobile phone and ipad applications starting from Environment setup, application components, activity lifecycle, service lifecycle, application architecture, publishing application, debugging applications, handling events, layouts, menus, user interface controls.

They can view property images and video, book a viewing, RSVP for an upcoming open house, and get GPS directions — all without speaking to you. Improve your song list by taking requests via a mobile friendly online form. Improve the care of your patients by helping them show up for their appointments and important events on time, and by sharing relevant health information in between visits. To help patients take better care of themselves in between visits – make articles, videos, and health guides accessible inside of your app.

Then, users can search your directory of businesses, properties, vehicles and more using keywords, a category, or by distance. And if something is missing, they can submit items to your directory. To keep students engaged in between classes, make your blog content, social media activity, videos and more accessible inside your app. Show an always up-to-date menu and tempt customers with pictures of your newest drinks and desserts.


Working Friendly Chat app. Welcome to the Friendly Chat codelab. In this codelab, you’ll learn how to use the Firebase platform to create Android applications.

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Adobe XD Tutorial – How to design a Dating Mobile App (UI/UX design)

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